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About Metro Courier Services

Metro Courier Services, Inc. is a locally owned and operated delivery company that has provided time critical delivery service for over twenty-five years. Metro Courier is a full service courier, offering cost effective delivery for business-to-business packages in most major cities in Florida.

With offices in Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Myers, and Sarasota, we offer flexible, personalized service. We center toward our customer's individual needs in order to ensure more effective and efficient shipping solutions. Our rate schedules are competitive and structured to meet each client's needs. Our courteous, knowledgeable staff gets you the information you need - no automated phone system to leave you guessing.

Metro Courier currently makes 85% of all of our deliveries by 10:30 a.m. and those not delivered in that time frame are usually delivered before noon. All COD's are returned same day or next morning. Any delivery irregularities and issues are brought to your attention immediately, before they can translate into problems.

Please contact us for a review of your delivery needs. We offer overnight delivery for all points served, a.m. and p.m. mail service, and distribution between branch offices.